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Vegetarian World

Lynette, our Canterbury Community Manager, is sharing her story today about the challenges she sees small businesses struggling with, on a daily basis:


I had one of those experiences with work today that opens your eyes to the plight of the many small business owners who are just holding on, but do so for various reasons, including belief in their product or service.

Vegetarian World2


I met Vivian today on Riccarton Road. She has a small shop specialising in Asian vegan and vegetarian items, all non-GMO and some gluten free. She works 7 days a week…very long hours… I don’t think the vegetarian community really knows she’s there…


She’s friendly, kind and has to spend all her time in the store and doesn’t know how to really market herself…my heart really opened for this woman and her struggle. To my veggie friends and those who love interesting product and cooking….drop in and say hello and maybe you might find some great food items…


Post a Note is for the community, and we’re happy to support small businesses such as Vegetarian World, who make a difference in their community! Thank you, Vegetarian World and thank you Lynette, for sharing your story and insight.




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