Get Ready for the Cold Days with “NZ Made” Zee Zee Merino

Zee Zee Merino Muster


There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing, right? Everyone who has felt the chill lately knows that this is wrong. There is bad weather. But good clothing helps.

Add a “Made in New Zealand” seal and the “good” clothing becomes even better. Not only does it help YOU stay warm and cozy during those cold, grey days, it also helps our local economy.

Today, the Post a Note Team would like to feature a gorgeous NZ company that adds joy to your life: Zee Zee Merino. Unlike most conventional clothing companies, Zee Zee Merino’s business style makes shopping fun again – for YOU.

Instead of having to brave the rain and cold, Zee Zee Merino comes to YOU, so you can inspect and try on the clothing at your home, with your friends, over a cuppa tea. Isn’t this how shopping should be?

But now we’re clearing the proverbial stage to introduce you to a self-proclaimed Zee Zee Merino freak. If, along the way, you wonder how you can join this awesome company, know that you’re lucky, because they’re looking for enthusiastic people like YOU to add to their team.


Meeting Leah

Zee Zee Merino Shoppers

Hello my name is Leah and I’m a self proclaimed Zee Zee Merino Freak. I recently hosted the opening muster of the 2015 season for Michelle Bennett, Area Manager and Musterer for Zee Zee Merino in Christchurch.

What is a muster?

When I first heard about Zee Zee Merino 3 years ago I was curious too. It sounds like an interesting concept, yet it’s so simple. All YOU have to do is invite your Merino loving friends over for a fun shopping night at home. It gives your friends an excuse to have a “ladies night” night away from home.

Michelle Bennett will then join you and bring along samples of the latest collection. In a fun, relaxed environment, you and your guests can learn about the benefits of Merino wool and warm up your winter wardrobes. I’ve hosted my first muster 3 years ago, and this year I was excited to host Michelle’s launch party for the 2015 Zee Zee Merino collection.


Launching Zee Zee Merino’s 2015 Muster

At 7.00pm Michelle arrived with the latest collection. Half an hour later my girlfriends gathered in the lounge with a wine in hand ready to see what the excitement I had spread about this Muster, was all about.

We started with the hostess gifts: Just for hosting the party I received an Ecostore Pamper Gift and received a 50% discount on the Zloop Infinity Scarf or Merino Blanket.


Fantastic Merino Wool

Before I attended my first muster I never fully appreciated what a wonderful fabric Merino wool is. Did you know that:

  • it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • it has antibacterial qualities that even resists stains and odours
  • it is flame-retardant
  • and the most important thing for busy Mum’s: it is machine-washable!!


Zee Zee Merino is 100% Local

The thing that sets Zee Zee Merino apart from most other brands is that it is 100% grown and sewn in New Zealand! I like the fact that by buying Zee Zee Merino I’m keeping kiwis in jobs and supporting a company that runs a sustainable business that gives back to the community. That’s the way to go!


Stripe Zloop

The Feel and Durability of Zee Zee Merino – Heaven on Earth

The garments are so soft that they are a true pleasure to wear directly on your skin. During our muster, Michelle passed around some clothing that her own daughters have worn. After 3 winters of wear the clothes were still super soft and new-looking! A great demonstration that Zee Zee Merino is durable and designed to be passed down from child to child. The t-shirts have extra length, designed around the idea that your kids wear them as an outer during the first season and then as an undergarment as they get more snug.


Design and Colours

At this point, after having learnt about the properties and benefits of the fabrics, we get a chance to see and touch the new collection. It’s quite different this year – wow! The designs and colours are lovely and I quickly picked my favourites for my own children. Hero in Red for Master 4 and Heartbeat in Berry Purple for Miss 1. My friends were equally excited and their “must have” lists grew bigger and bigger, filling with items not only for their children but also for themselves.


Zeelicious for Ladies

Three years ago Zeelicous for ladies was introduced (size 10-18) and the range has now expanded to cover Tees, Leggings, Hoodies and Zloop infinity scarves in 5 designs – I had a hard job deciding which Zloop to purchase. (In case you were wondering: I chose “stripe.”)


Hostess Gifts – Yet Another Great Reason to Hold a Muster

As the orders rolled in, my hostess benefits grew. With the items that my friends bought I was entitled to buy 5 items at half price, so, I added Longzees (leggings) for each of my kids to my order. It was thrilling to add to my Zee Zee Merino Collection and still save money. But that wasn’t enough. In addition I also earned a $100 credit voucher to spend! How fabulous!!! What a great opportunity to add a Spot Zloop for Mum (no need to think about a Mother’s Day gift), a Zloop for an upcoming child’s birthday and a peacock headband to my order!

The fun we had that night, the laughter we shared, and the awesome experience with Michelle and Zee Zee Merino’s collection enticed two of my friends to book in their own muster. Now, we are all looking forward to the arrival of our Zee Zee Merino parcels!


Zee Zee Merino Musters – Adding Joy to My Life Luxury Hoodie

Hosting a party is pretty easy – all you need to do is invite your friends, provide a light supper, sit back and listen to Michelle as she does her spiel and shows off the range. Over the years my friends have become Zee Zee Merino fans just like me. So now I’ve got a least 2 more musters to enjoy and I’m looking forward to adding to my collection.


Sign Me Up!

Keep your eye on Michelle’s Facebook Page. My children will make an appearance soon in their new seasons arrivals.

If you love Merino and would like to check out this exciting New Zealand made product I would encourage you to get in touch with Michelle – she’d love to come and show off Zee Zee Merino to you and your friends. There are also Musterers located all across New Zealand. She can also put you in touch with a Musterer near you if you are not located in Christchurch.


Michelle Invites YOU to Join the Team

If you are looking for a fun and rewarding job that works around your family commitments, I am on the lookout for new Musterers all over New Zealand. Get in touch today! It is not too late to be a part of the 2015 season.


Michelle Bennett

Phone: 03 981 3448 or 021 0659835





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