Contest – ‘The Winery Tour’ Tickets!

Wine Tour Concert Series


It has happened to the best of us: After a night out you come home and nearly break your neck as you stumble over accumulated clutter that seems to have magically moved into our way. Sound familiar?

That’s why Post a Note will give away tickets to the person who has posted the most items in the week before the Wine Tour. Simple, isn’t it?


Win 2 Tickets to

‘The Winery Tour’ Concert Series

on February 28th

at Waipara Hills (formerly The Mud House Winery and Care)


All you have to do is post as many quality items as possible on Post a Note prior to the midnight deadline on 25 February. (We have the right to screen out unacceptable items used to gain an unfair advantage, such as paper clips, pencils, etc. – you get the picture).

Just include the words “Pick Me” somewhere in your subject line (e.g. “Pick Me: Old Couch for Sale), so we know you’re eager to win the tickets. All items posted from now until midnight on 25 February that have “Pick Me” in the subject line will be counted towards the contest.

List your couch, car, shoes, etc. and maybe even post items for your not-so-internet-savvy friends, if you don’t have enough to sell. “Wanted” posts (e.g. Babysitter wanted while I’m at the The Winery Tour) will be counted towards the contest as well.

You have until midnight on Wednesday 25 February, and we will announce the winner in the morning of Thursday, 26 February!


Summary of what you’ll have to do to enter the contest: 

  • Post as many quality items as possible
  • Include “Pick Me” in the subject line of your posting
  • Deadline: 11:59pm 25th February 2015



Good luck and Happy posting! 

Your Post a Note Team


“Small Print:” Please note that we will only provide the tickets, no travel or accommodation.

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