Valentine’s Day — Flowers and Chocolates are Soooo Yesterday!

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The tradition of offering your lover flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day dates back to the 18th century. Needless to say that this tradition is a bit dated and seems to be on the way out. And I think we all agree that pampering your partner should not just happen once a year. If you decide to stick to the Valentine’s Day tradition but plan to go down a less “traditional” road – skipping the chocolates and flowers – we are happy to share some ideas with you.


Have Breakfast in Bed – Together

How lucky are you that Valentine’s Day has fallen on a weekend this year? The perfect occasion to sleep in and have breakfast in bed. Not just vacationers at five star hotels can enjoy this luxury. All it takes is 10 minutes of preparation to have the best start into the day that you can possibly have.


Go On a Trip – Spontaneously

If the both of you share a love for hiking, pack your hiking boots, some lunch, and just head out. If you have always wanted to see another part of this beautiful country, head to the nearest airport and get two tickets for a spontaneous weekend-getaway. You can check for hotel rooms when you get there.


Try Something New – Today

What’s holding you back from exploring a new activity with your partner? I dare you to try something new. Buy a canvas, some paint and discover your hidden talent (or the “talent” that should remain hidden). Find out where you can give a shot at mini golf. Hit a climbing gym and ask if they offer a class that day. Stroll around a fair and try something you’ve never tried before.


Indulge – Wholeheartedly

How often do you treat yourself and your partner? No matter what you answer, I assure you it’s still not often enough. So, drop everything and head out to get some hokey pokey. Enjoy it the way you did when you were little. Or open that bottle of wine you’ve saved for a special occasion and finish it with your loved one. You can alway buy another bottle if you get closer to said “special” occasion.


Valentine’s Day is not about following the crowd and fulfilling traditional “expectations.” It’s about spending a fun day with your loved one. So, whatever a “good time” looks like for YOU, just do it!


Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!

- Your Post a Note Team


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