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For those of you, who were a child of the 90s, you probably remember MacGyver, the secret agent who solved complex problems with everyday materials. No situation was too challenging and he made problem-solving look so easy. Now, you can knock your friends of their socks while traveling, with these few simple “MacGyver Travel Tips.” Enjoy:


1) Put Dryer Sheets in Your Suitcase

We all have been there. You pack all your freshly washed clothes and by the time you arrive at your destination they have adopted the not-so-fresh scent of your suitcase. This can be easily avoided by putting a dryer sheet or two into your suitcase underneath your laundry. For longer trips, you may also want to place some dryer sheets into your “used laundry” bag to avoid that they will stink up the still fresh laundry.


2) Thread Your Necklaces Through a Straw

To avoid the tangled-up necklace mess many women know all too well, thread your necklaces through a straw. If you want to keep them all together, you can use a rubber band to bundle your straws.


3) Pierce Your Earrings Through a Tissue

To keep your earrings together, pierce their sharp end through a tissue, then wrap your earring tissue nicely to avoid that they will fall out. in them.


4) Roll Your Clothing

Most of us were taught to always fold our laundry and pack it neatly. Rolled-up pieces, however, will not only take up less space than folded laundry, it also reduces the risk for wrinkles.


5) Wrap Your Shoes Into a Shower Cap or Plastic Bag

Many travellers loathe packing their shoes and might repack several times trying to find where to best position them to avoid stains on their fresh laundry. Wrapping your shoes into a shower cap or plastic bag will make packing easier and save your laundry.


6) Put a Sheet with Your Home and Destination Address in Your Suitcase

A torn-off flight tag can cause your luggage to not only miss its flight but might render it forever “lost.” Yours wouldn’t be the first to face this fate. If you place a paper with your home and destination address into your suitcase, the airport might be able to identify you as its owner and might even forward it to you free of charge.


7) Put PJs, Tooth Brush, Some Underwear and Clothing Into Your Carry On

It happens more often than you may think that a suitcase gets delayed. To prepare for this inconvenience, it pays off to have your PJs, tooth brush, some underwear, and at least one change of clothing in your carry on. If you’re travelling with someone, it might also be a good idea to pack half of your clothing into your travel partner’s bag and vice versa. This way, if one of your suitcases gets lost or delayed, your vacation can still have a happy ending.


8) Take a Picture of Your Parking Spot

Take a picture of your parking spot location sign at the airport. This will help you find your car without hassles and frustration upon you return.


9) Use a Hot Light Bulb to Iron Your Clothes

If your clothes wrinkled during your trip, use a hot light bulb to smooth out the wrinkles. You can, for example, remove the shade of a lamp in your hotel room. Just make sure not to burn your clothes by leaving the bulb too long at one spot.


10) Photoshop People Out of Your Memory Shots

If you’re vaguely familiar with photoshop, bring your tripod on your trip. There are some great tutorials online that can teach you how to “photoshop” tourists out of your vacation pictures. Your friends will forever envy you for those shots!


Happy Travels!

- Your Post a Note Team


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