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Allied Press and PAN


This week, many of you may have come across an article in the National Business Review, Yahoo News, Scoop, World News, and/or Inside Retail NZ, informing you about Post a Note’s partnership with Allied Press, one of New Zealand’s oldest news agencies. In case you’ve missed it, we would like to dedicate today’s blog post to this milestone in Post a Note’s history.

What Does This Partnership Mean for You?

Our partnership with Allied Press dates back to September 2014 and will not change how we run the site. We are and will forever be a free buy/sell site for kiwis. We are and will remain community-focused. We are and will remain a NZ-based company. What it does mean, however, is that we have a strong partner to help us grow the site. It is thanks to this partnership, that we’ve had the means to build a strong community on the South Island and launch our expansion to the North Island.

Are We Competing with Trade Me?

Yes and No. Post a Note has entered a similar market, however, our site is not auction-based. Post a Note is like an online “community board” that brings buyers and sellers together. Another difference between our business model and Trade Me’s is that we aim to keep as much money in kiwi’s pockets as possible, because we offer our “trading venue” for free. As we indicated in the press release, we believe that there shouldn’t be a billion dollar internet company that serves only 4.5 million people.

What will Change?

We will keep growing. We will expand our reach and categories. We will build one of New Zealand’s largest online communities. Be part of it!


Image Courtesy of Allied Press 

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