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Do you have items in your closet that you never wear? Has the thought of decluttering your place entered your mind recently? Do you wish to cash in on the wedding dress you wore once and (hopefully) won’t ever wear again? Are you tired of organizing garage sales and frustrated by the amount of items you’re left with? Did you catch your boyfriend cheating on you and aren’t strong enough to throw his TV out the window?

Then we’ve got the perfect solution for you: Download the Post a Note App

Browse your closet, comb through your storage and take a picture of everything that needs to go. Less than 60 seconds later, things you’d like to sell, swap, or give away could already be found online by potential buyers. It’s that easy!

Faster than dropping things off at consignment stores, cheaper than listing them on Trade Me (after all, Post a Note is free), and more successful than a garage sale.

Happy Posting!

Your Post a Note Team!

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