Did Santa Screw Up? – Now What?

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“Pink socks with little kittens? Awe, how did you know? They’re my favourite … among all the other unwanted Christmas gifts.” Christmas is, as Cliff Richard had so aptly put it, “a time for giving, a time for getting.” Some of us, give more during the after-Christmas season than we did on Christmas Day, wishing that Santa had paid a bit more attention to your likes and dislikes. But your unwanted presents don’t have to disappear in your garage and collect dust. They can serve you to get what you truly wanted:


1) Swap Them on Post a Note

Selling your unwanted presents will, most of the time, gain you with a lot less money than the item had cost at the store. In many cases, you will even get less for the item than you had asked for. Not to mention the hassle of selling it, negotiating the price with potential buyers, etc.

Swapping, on the other hand, allows you to receive something of equal or even higher value. You could put your unwanted Christmas presents up for swap on Post a Note, or host your own present swap…


2) Return Them

Kick-ass gift givers tend to include (or at least offer) the receipt to allow you to return the item to the store and purchase what you actually wanted, in case you’re not happy. However, keep in mind that stores often do not accept returns for items that have already been used.

For example, often you won’t be able to return

  • CDs, DVDs, and software if the seal has been broken or packaging has been removed.
  • Personalized items and items made to order, such as engraved jewellery.

So, before you head to the store, make sure to know your rights.


3) Sell Them

The most popular option by far seems to be reselling. If you’re reselling your items on buy/sell websites, such as Post a Note, a good way to make it stand out is to include the words “unwanted gift” in the headline. Before you put your item up for sale, however, do some research to see how much you can ask for it.


4) Re-Gift Them

Re-gifting is a popular option, as even the most organized mastermind can scramble to find a last-minute gift for someone else at some point in his/her life. There are a few “rules” to consider, however:

  • Check the expiry date of food items (e.g. chocolates) before you offer them.
  • Make sure that your name is not mentioned or included in the gift (e.g. engraved).
  • Try to remember where the gift came from to avoid returning it to the original gift-giver.
  • Consider the recipients taste to avoid that the present will end up on another “unwanted gifts” list.


Happy swapping / returning / reselling / re-gifting!

Your Post a Note Team




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