The Gift of Post a Note

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By Connie

Everyone who has ever held a clothing swap knows that the most beautiful things we own are those we have seen being enjoyed before — by people we love. In fact, almost all of my jewellery has been pre-loved and every time I wear a piece — be it the earrings that a friend offered me to match my favourite sweater or the ring my sister had outgrown — have a high sentimental value; a value no price tag in the world could match.

And did you know that just before the Christmas season, stores tend to jack up their prices to increase their profit margins? Yes, they do! And they don’t feel bad taking your hard-earned money to send their CEOs on a vacation abroad over the holidays. When was the last time you went abroad over the holidays?

So, this season, when you go through your “gifting list”, remember that a sweater you no longer love, might have a high value for one of your friends. A ring you have grown out of, could be the most precious gift for a loved one. The bike your child no longer needs, might make somebody else’s child happy. And if you absolutely need to buy “new” items for your loved ones, choose small stores, who will not spend your money for sending their CEO abroad but who create value for the community. After all, being part of a supporting community is one of the most precious gifts in the world.



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