Not Another “Conventional” Tree

By Connie


In today’s “attention seeking” world, the weeks before Christmas are filled with the question “Would you like to see my/our tree?” Sure, I do want to see yet another conventional Christmas tree and pretend that it’s a piece of art, just like any other. Who doesn’t?!? But if you want to see my true Duchenne smile, show me an actual state-of-the-art, creative, special, breath-taking Christmas tree.

Not blessed with a creative spirit but still tired of the “same old, same old”? Here are some trees I’ve seen/tried and I can tell you that they will spice up your holidays AND your Christmas get-togethers and even set the bar high for years to come.


1) Tree-Side Down

Yes, you heard right. Obviously, this requires some heavy lifting, a few screw anchors, and a little bit of patience, but the end result is truly out of the ordinary (and “no”, this is not just a picture flipped upside down, it is an actual “hanging tree”).


2) Tree-usable Ornaments

This year, I skipped those ordinary ornaments and used no-longer-needed everyday items to hang the tree. Anything that was lying around the house (and the houses of my friends and family) found a spot. This empties your house and fills the tree. Perfect!

Reusable Ornaments

3) Tree-Licious Decoration

Decorating the tree is awesome! Un-decorating it… not so much. That’s why in some years, I had taken a different approach: Hang it with cookies and chocolates. It will “magically” empty itself over the weeks, provide all family members with nice little treats along the way, and there’s no big clean-up and un-decorating after the holidays. Christmas tree decorating for lazy cookie-lovers.


4) Tree-Skirt

Granted, this idea is “borrowed”, but it is non-the-less breath-taking. I doubt that I would have the skills required to pull this off, but it’s nice looking at the art other people so skillfully created. How’s that for inspiration?

Tree Skirt



This year again, I’ll ditch the conventional “tree decoration” and instead go for something more creative! What? Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise for anyone, if I told you…

Got any other ideas? Great, leave a comment with your creations, suggestions, and thoughts for others!





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