Christmas Joy Cannot be Bought — Go Present-Less


Written by Connie 


In the weeks/months before Christmas, companies and corporations tell you that you NEED a certain product (obviously from THEIR brand) to make your family happy. And obviously, if you don’t follow their recommendation, you’re a bad mother/father/sister/brother/friend. But that’s BS.


Why Do We Want Presents?

In fact, to make your family happy, you don’t need presents at all. Yes, that’s right. I’ll tell you why in a second, but first, let me ask you one simple question: Have you ever received a self-made present or a well-written card, and thought: “That’s all?” No? Neither have I. In fact, those are my favourites.

Advertising messages from big corporations make us want their products but this “want” is intrinsically. It’s the result of clever marketing. That’s all. Who said women WANT jewellery for Christmas? Who said your husband WANTS that Armani watch? Who said that you’re a bad parent if your kids won’t get that fancy toy? And who said that we can’t be happy without all of these things? I tell you who: Advertisers. Now, not all of them are bad, but some of them are evil. Not only do we hear their messages, our loved ones do, too. These advertisements then jack up our expectations and in the end we might even feel that we’re not loved, because our expectations were not met…


What’s The “Value” of Gifts?

Our best defence against disappointment caused by unmet expectations is to think about the “value” of a gift. Do you really value that diamond ring more than the week you spent camping with your husband in the summer? Do you value an iPhone more than the fact that your parents sponsor your university degree? Don’t you agree that just having these loving, caring people in your life is enough as a “gift”? One that you can enjoy every day of your life, not just on Christmas?


Want to Go Present-Less?

Are you still with me? Great, that means you’ve made the first step. But I’ll warn you: The shift to go present-less is not going to happen overnight, though eventually your family and friends will stop asking you what you want for your birthday or Christmas. Instead of presents that you don’t want, you will then receive cards from your loved ones with messages that would make every poet jealous. They will spread our so-loved “Christmas spirit” far beyond the “merry season”, because whenever you’re feeling blue, you can re-read these messages and feel close to your family and friends all over again. Now, how’s that for a “gift”?


Price Tags do NOT Represent the Value of the Recipient

Yes, you heard me. So, if you’re staring at your bank account, wondering how you will be able to afford yet another Christmas season, stop right there. Ask yourself if whatever you had on your shopping list is really that important. Remind yourself that price tags are not an indication of how much you “value” or love the recipient. It’s just an indication of where the CEOs of big corporations will vacate this season.



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