Finding a Job – The Post a Note Way

Bethany Sayer


Bethany Sayer was just one of many job seekers out there. But one thing made her stand out: She was a little more proactive than many. Most job seekers are scanning Seek, Trade Me and Facebook Groups for Listings, write attractive cover letters, tailor their CVs to the position, only to see their efforts smashed again and again. It’s hard to stay positive and optimistic about the future if all your job applications remain unanswered.

Bethany Sayer, a 19 year old job seeker from Dunedin, came across an ad on Facebook that led her to the Post a Note page and decided to give it a shot. She took the initiative and posted an ad on the jobs page that she is looking for a sales assistant position, described her experience and… found a job!

After having been unemployed for over a year, it only took her 3 weeks with her posting up on Post a Note to find a position. Bethany is now extremely happy in her part time role as an assistant selling candy floss. She is in fact so enthusiastic about her Post a Note success that she has put a post up for her fiancé, who is also job seeking. The Post a Note team certainly hopes that history will repeat itself for this beautiful couple.



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