Did Santa Screw Up? – Now What?

Santa typing on pc

  “Pink socks with little kittens? Awe, how did you know? They’re my favourite … among all the other unwanted Christmas gifts.” Christmas is, as Cliff Richard had so aptly put it, “a time for giving, a time for getting.” Some of us, give more during the after-Christmas season than we did on Christmas Day, … Continued

Giving the Gift of “a Future”

Books for Africa Project

With Christmas coming closer, most of us are likely focusing on what presents we shall get for our loved ones. While this seems to add a lot of stress to our daily lives, in other parts of the world, people are wondering how they can get an education to eventually be able to support their … Continued

The Gift of Post a Note

Green gift box

By Connie Everyone who has ever held a clothing swap knows that the most beautiful things we own are those we have seen being enjoyed before — by people we love. In fact, almost all of my jewellery has been pre-loved and every time I wear a piece — be it the earrings that a friend … Continued

Not Another “Conventional” Tree

My Little Pony Christmas Tree Ornament

By Connie   In today’s “attention seeking” world, the weeks before Christmas are filled with the question “Would you like to see my/our tree?” Sure, I do want to see yet another conventional Christmas tree and pretend that it’s a piece of art, just like any other. Who doesn’t?!? But if you want to see … Continued

Christmas Joy Cannot be Bought — Go Present-Less


Written by Connie    In the weeks/months before Christmas, companies and corporations tell you that you NEED a certain product (obviously from THEIR brand) to make your family happy. And obviously, if you don’t follow their recommendation, you’re a bad mother/father/sister/brother/friend. But that’s BS.   Why Do We Want Presents? In fact, to make your … Continued

Finding a Job – The Post a Note Way

Bethany Sayer

  Bethany Sayer was just one of many job seekers out there. But one thing made her stand out: She was a little more proactive than many. Most job seekers are scanning Seek, Trade Me and Facebook Groups for Listings, write attractive cover letters, tailor their CVs to the position, only to see their efforts … Continued