Give Santa a Break – Make Your Own Presents

Give Santa a Break

Every year we’re facing the same dilemma. Coming up with unique, creative gift ideas is already tiring enough, but during financially difficult times the search for the right present can quickly become torture. So, here are some suggestions from the Post a Note Team that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but will spread heaps of cheerfulness among your loved ones – even beyond Christmas.


1) Creative Calendar

What better way to provide joy throughout the year than reminding your loved one every day of the year that you care about them? Most of us have probably seen photo calendars that people have made… so it’s not really that “unique” anymore, is it? Why not tap into your creative brain and do something more extravagant. Need ideas? How about a themed calendar: For every month, pick a topic that reflects your partners interests (e.g. going to the movies), and include a little present related to that theme (e.g. movie tickets).


2) Funky Frames

In the digital age, printed photos are becoming less and less common. This is what makes printed memories a great gift, especially if you drop the “conventional” photo frame and go for something more… special. Why not glue your favourite snap shots onto an old skateboard, painting, or whatever tickles your fancy. There are many things that would make a cool unique frame. Just look around!


3) Miraculous Movie

There are many great softwares out there that you can use to create a video and many of them come with a free 30-day trial, that would give you sufficient time to familiarize yourself with the software and create the movie – for free. If you took digital photos and/or movies throughout the year, you can combine them to tell your partner “your story”. The best thing is that YOUR life writes the script.


4) Versatile Vouchers

We are all unique beings and every person has their very own likes and dislikes. A truly memorable Christmas present reflects the recipient’s personality. Consequently, my personal favourite is a booklet with vouchers that are tailored to the recipient’s needs. For example, if you know that your loved one enjoys a self-cooked meal or breakfast in bed, this could be one of the vouchers in your book. How many vouchers you include is totally up to you.


5) Magnified Memories

Get small and big boxes and wrap them nicely. Be as creative as you’d like. All those nice little things that you’ve collected throughout the year from things you did with your partner now find a place. Simple, but memorable. And if you want to go “over the top”, write a little story about the individual pieces on nice sheets of paper that you can attach to each object. This gift will bring back long-forgotten memories and provide new joy and happiness!


Now, for the person who already has everything, and won’t appreciate any of the above, we also know the perfect gift: The Gift of Nothing.


In that sense: Happy crafting!


Your Post a Note Team


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