Spring Clean Your Life

Spring Cleaning


Many people consider spring cleaning an unpleasant, time-consuming task. However, decluttering and organizing your belongings can save you time and energy in the long run. Not to mention the financial gains it can have when you sell your unwanted items and the satisfaction involved when everything is in its place. So, spring cleaning can be highly rewarding – in every area of your life.

In this week’s blog we’ll give you some ideas and tips that will save you time and keep you motivated as you sort through your belongings.


1) The Closet Trick


The closet is often the first area we “attack” when spring cleaning, only to realize that we still “need” and/or “want” ALL the items and our motivation to continue with spring cleaning takes a hit.

But one simple trick can help you declutter your closet over time and avoid this dilemma next time ‘round: Put the hangers in backward. After a few months it will be easy for you to spot the items that you didn’t “need” or “want”, because they will still hang backward. This will help you decide what can be sold, swapped, donated, or thrown out.


2) Break it Down and Start with the Worst


Your initial motivation to spring clean will decline if you create chaos along the way. So, it’s best to clean one are a time. It could be a drawer, a closet, your fridge, boxes under your bed, or a cupboard filled with junk.

Whatever area is the most chaotic should be the one you start with. This way, you’ve got the “worst” out of the way when your motivation peaked and the rewarding sensation for cleaning that area will go a long way to keep you motivated for the rest.


3) Dedicate a Corner for Unwanted Items


Instead of collecting unwanted items in every room, dedicate one corner of your place for unwanted and/or unneeded items. Every time you add another item to this corner, “monetize” it in your head. When you think about how much money you might get for re-selling the item, you’ll indirectly commit to selling it.


4) There are No “Maybe”s


With each item, ask yourself “yes or no?” There’s no room for “maybes.” Every “maybe”, is a “no.” This little trick will help you clean your place from all those items you’re unsure about. After all, if you’re unsure how valuable this item is to you, it probably means that you haven’t used it in a long time. This disqualifies the item from being kept.


5) Sell, Swap, or Donate Items You No Longer Need


Unused and unloved items don’t have to end up in the trash. Others might be looking for exactly THIS item.
Invite your friends over for a swap session and sell all items that couldn’t be swapped. The easiest way is post those items online, such as posting them on Post a Note for sale or swapping. On some sites, such as Post a Note, you can either sell them in bulk or individually. And the buyers you meet through the site could even become new friends you can invite to your next swapping session. You never know…


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Besides the rewarding feeling of having decluttered, spring cleaning has another great benefit: Once you’ve cleared your place of things you no longer need or love, you’ve surrounding yourself with items that you LOVE. And this in itself got you one step toward a happy life, isn’t it?


Happy Cleaning, Swapping, Selling
Your Post a Note Team

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