5 Tips for Getting Yourself Hired

5 Tips To Get Yourself Hired


Looking for work can be a time-consuming and daunting process and for most it almost feels like a full-time job in itself but without the rewards. Unfortunately, you can’t control the companies’ hiring procedures, the number of applications they are receiving or the likes of the hiring managers. So, try not to place your self-worth on one company or job, but instead focus on your strengths and create your own opportunities. Below, we’d like to give you some advice on how to create more opportunities for yourself.


1) Post Your Job Search on Post a Note

By creating an ad that clarifies your experiences and what kind of job(s) you’re looking for, you allow potential employers to find YOU on Post a Note. Many applicants have found an employer this way already and you could be next. In your ad, be authentic and give details about what you can do for THEM. Our staff also tries to match ads of offering and searching listers, if we spot an opportunity. So let us help!


2) Be Proactive But Selective

Screen a variety of job boards for opportunities but instead of applying for every position you come across, select the ones that really spark your interest. This selectivity will allow you to focus on creating a high quality application and tailor it to the company’s needs rather than sending the same application to every potential employer.


3) Use Social Media

Using social media for job applications is something most people are not yet proficient with, which creates an opportunity for those who are. You can be that person. If you have a twitter account, you could sign up for a free account with Hootsuite and use it to inform you about opportunities that arise and shorten your response time. Hootsuite allows you to look for keywords, such as “jobs,” or “work” within a specified radius. Here’s how to set it up.


4) Let Employers Find You On LinkedIn

Once you have created a LinkedIn account, check out LinkedIn’s Advanced Search to get an idea what areas in your profile might require optimization to reach utmost visibility. For example, you can join groups that reflect your interests and actively participate in them, as employers and recruiters are often following these conversations. Look at your profile from a head-hunter’s prospective when you optimize your information.


5) Build Personal Relationships

Personal relationships can often lead to opportunities, because someone might know someone who knows someone who’s hiring (you get the idea). So, don’t be shy to mention that you’re looking for a new opportunity and stress your “unique value proposition” (aka “why they should hire YOU).

Good luck with the job search and don’t forget that Post a Note can help you with this endeavour! Post your ad today!


Have a great weekend!

- Your Post a Note Team


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