Dogwatch – Saving Lives One Dog at a Time


  Dogs teach us unconditional love and acceptance. And yet, every day they are being destroyed in council pounds all over the country because they have been unlucky enough to be owned by irresponsible owners, or people who’s circumstances have changed. Here at Post a Note we believe that every person and every animal is … Continued

5 Tips for Getting Yourself Hired

5 Tips To Get Yourself Hired

  Looking for work can be a time-consuming and daunting process and for most it almost feels like a full-time job in itself but without the rewards. Unfortunately, you can’t control the companies’ hiring procedures, the number of applications they are receiving or the likes of the hiring managers. So, try not to place your … Continued

Make the Most of Your Post a Note Account

How to get the most out of your PAN account

  What makes Post a Note unique is that YOU run the show. Now, to maximize your outcome, we’d like to use this week’s blog to set you up for success.   You’re a Seller   1) Bookmark the Site  Save yourself some time by bookmarking Post a Note. This will allow you to access the site with … Continued