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Camping Guide


For those who are convinced that “home is wherever you park”, camping is not a getaway, it’s a way of life.

Our users have posted great campers, such as the Toyota Townace, the Nissan Caravan, the Super-Customed Toyota, and the Honda Odyssey Campervan, and today we’d like to provide you with some tips so that, wherever their wheels take you, you’re going to have an amazing time.

1) Plan Out Your Route and Alternative Routes

Even though real travellers are never lost, being familiar with the territory you’re about to explore will prevent unwanted surprises, such as getting stuck in the wilderness … or in traffic. If you explore territory far from civilization, it might be a good idea to let some friends or family members know where you’re heading to — just in case.

2) Reserve Your Spot at Camp Grounds

While it is fun to make plans as you go, some camp grounds are quite popular and might require you to make a reservation. Avoid being turned away by informing yourself about their policies and vacancies ahead of time. However, even if you skip this step and get turned away by one campground, nothing can destroy the fun of camping, right? Remember that there’s always a Plan B: Find another spot somewhere else. For a full list of camp grounds and their amenities, please check the Department of Conservation.

3) Get Your Car Ready

So you’re ready for the trip? Great! But is your car or camper ready, too? If you explore the wilderness, chances are you’ll have to rely on your car — a lot — so make sure that it’s running well and all ready for the trip. Beside checking the oil, tires, and breaks or doing a full check-up at a nearby mechanic, you might also want to check if your camping gear (such as gas for the stove), equipment, and first aid kit are ready, too.

4) Plan Out Your Grocery Trips

Nothing worse than being dozens of kilometres away from the next supermarket, realizing that they’re about to close and you’re running out of food, water, or gas. It’s always good to err on the side of caution and stock up along the way.

5) Have Fun!

Whatever you go and whatever you do, have a great time!


Have a great weekend!

- Your Post a Note Team


Image courtesy of federico stevanin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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