5 Tips for Writing a Great Ad that Sells

Writing an ad

Post a Note is your hangout; a place where it is free to connect with thousands of like-minded locals to buy, sell, and swap. We’d like to offer some tips and tricks to that can help your postings elicit a speedy response and leverage the full potential of your “online community board.” 

1. Choose the Right Category

Whether you are swapping your car, selling your ace painting skills or listing a rental, choosing the right category is important to ensure that people will find your ad when browsing through the listings. If there is more than one appropriate classification, feel free to list your ad in multiple categories.

If your ad is listed in the wrong category, it could miss its potential.

2. Develop an Attractive Title & Outline the Strongest Point

Your title can make or break your ad. If you get it right, it will grab the reader’s attention and entice them to read your ad. Choose a catchy title that outlines the strongest point(s) to draw the maximum amount of eyeballs to your listing. Bonus points if you can do this in as few words as possible.

• Dotti Dress, like new
• 2001 Toyota, Excellent Condition
• 2 Bedroom Flat, $190 pw
• Free Mountain Bike

When people skim through webpages, short titles of 3-5 words or fewer perform best.

3. Content Rules

Now that you’ve gained the reader’s interest, give them a reason to contact you. Here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Keep it Short and Sweet. Even though there is no word limit on Post a Note, a detailed ad of 80-100 words usually performs best.
  • The Details Always Tell the Story. Be informative and specific when indicating what makes your item so great.
  • Focus on the Buyer. If you want someone to be interested in what you are selling, focus on the benefits for them. You could share a story of how much you liked the item, and why you decided to pass it on for someone else to enjoy.
  • Be Honest. If the item has any faults, such as broken parts, make sure to mention them. It will save you time by getting only responses of potential buyers who are aware of the faults and are still interested.
  • Use Bullet Points and White Space. They are your friend in keeping the look of your ad clean and informative.
  • Keywords are the Key to Success. Site searches can act as “short cuts” to find interesting listings. Keep searchers in mind when you write your ad and include keywords that they might be searching for.
  • Serve the Appetizer, Not the Meal. Provide a compelling reason for the reader to contact you for more information, e.g. “To schedule an appointment to see the item, please contact me.”

People don’t read ads for entertainment. They read ads because they are interested in buying something. You only have a short period of time to convince them to buy from YOU.

4. Use Photos

A photo can say more than a thousand words. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Quality. Photos should present your item in a favourable light, literally. You may also wish to remove any distracting objects before taking the picture or crop the image before uploading it.
  • Quantity. If one picture says more than a thousand words, multiple pictures speak volumes. Put another way, pictures reduce the amount of words you need to describe your item.

When buyers have the opportunity to see a picture of the item for sale they are much more likely to click the ad.

 5. Set a Fair Price

Before writing your ad, check prices of other users online or ask your friends to see if your demanded price is in line with what buyers would be willing to pay. Leave room for negotiation when you determine your asking price.

Setting the right price will help you convince buyers that it is worth buying the item from you rather than purchasing a new product.


Now back to you… Happy Posting!!!



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