5 Reasons Why Post a Note is for YOU!


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Post a Note is your hangout; a place where it is free to connect with thousands of like-minded locals to buy, sell, and swap. It’s a simple principle with a great impact. We believe in empowering kiwis. We believe in the freedom to trade without the involvement of big corporations. And we believe in simplicity, because our lives are complicated enough. Here are 5 reasons why we feel that Post a Note is for YOU:

1) You Want to Save Money and Time 

Post a Note is free to use, which means that there are no listing fees for sellers, no “success fees” for buyers, and – if buyers and sellers meet in person for the exchange – no shipping costs. What’s more is that you won’t need to read instructions or entire books on how the system works, because it’s that easy!

2) You Like Personal Connections

Because sellers and buyers who connect through Post a Note interact personally, it helps build connections among local community members. This eliminates the risk for scams, because money and goods are usually exchanged in a personal meeting, rather than being shipped.

Meet buyers or vendors in person, and you might discover that you have more in common than the love for a particular product. Feel free to share your stories with us. We love happy endings.

3) You Want Risk-Free, Spam-Free Deals  

We take the risk out of trading. There are no bid-adjustments needed, no success fees, no worries. You just got to be quick to connect with the seller, and the item is yours. Meeting with the seller in person is a great way to see what you’ll get for your money.

To increase security further, Post a Note also uses powerful spam filters and is monitored consistently by a team of high-profile web developers, because we really care about our users. And who doesn’t like ease of mind?

4) You Want to Boost your Local Economy 

Post a Note is for kiwis. Because you buy from locals, your money will stay within your community rather than boosting big corporations’ financial statements inside or outside of New Zealand.

5) You Want to Find the Latests Events in Your Area

If you’re not interested in buying or selling anything at this moment, Post a Note is still for you, because the site shows you a variety of events that are happening in your area. Find awesome events, concerts, and activities, and connect with like-minded locals. Are you up for some fun?


In short, Post a Note is for kiwis who want to sell, buy, or swap for free – the easy way.



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