How to Recognize Scammers

Fake vs. Genuine

  The Post a Note community is full of awesome, lovely, and honest people. Unfortunately, however, sometimes we come across a “user” who needs to be met with a healthy dose of scepticism, just like there are people in our everyday lives who fit that description. Here at Post a Note, safety is most important … Continued

It’s a Vegetarian World

Vegetarian World

Lynette, our Canterbury Community Manager, is sharing her story today about the challenges she sees small businesses struggling with, on a daily basis:   I had one of those experiences with work today that opens your eyes to the plight of the many small business owners who are just holding on, but do so for … Continued

Meet Lynette on Canterbury Live

Lynette Diaz, Post a Note Community Manager on CTV

Canterbury Live is CTV’s daily live magazine show. If you ask us, Canterbury Live is you’re best bet to get the latest news about your community and find out what’s going on across the Canterbury region. Yesterday, April 23rd, Lynette Diaz, our Canterbury Community Manager, was invited to talk about Post a Note and how … Continued

Go Green Contest – Winner Announcement

Go Green Contest Winner - Post a Note

  Nadia Davidson is the winner of a full set of new golf clubs! And better yet, she sold her couch in the process. “A friend told me about Post a Note, and what’s not to like. I’s free and I can actually sell my things for what they’re worth.” Nadia is originally from Bulgaria and … Continued

Get Ready for the Cold Days with “NZ Made” Zee Zee Merino

Zee Zee Merino Muster

  There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing, right? Everyone who has felt the chill lately knows that this is wrong. There is bad weather. But good clothing helps. Add a “Made in New Zealand” seal and the “good” clothing becomes even better. Not only does it help YOU stay warm and cozy during those … Continued

Meeting the Needs of a Growing Market: Farming

Tractor on Post a Note

      Agriculture is one of the largest industry sectors in New Zealand, employing over 100,000 people. We at Post a Note are extremely happy that our users have recently allowed us to tap into this market to meet the needs of such a large industry. Whether you’re looking for full-time farm jobs in … Continued

Woman Trades Husband for Washing Machine on Post a Note

Woman Sells Husband on Post a Note

  As many of you have probably seen, the woman who sold her husband on Post a Note was featured in an article on the Otago Daily Times. In case you have missed it, here is the story:   Woman Trades Husband for Washing Machine on Post a Note   It all started off as … Continued

“Go Green” Contest

Golf Clubs from Dunlop

  “Go Green” Contest Win a Full Set of Golf Clubs Valued at around $300 Deadline: April 15, 2015   With Post a Note you can now win a full set of brand new irons, putter, wedge, driver, woods, etc. To be in to win these golf clubs, all you have to do is post as … Continued

Welcome to “Art Metro”

Art Metro

Today, Post a Note would like to introduce you to Art Metro, a wonderful place for all art enthusiasts and hobbyists! Connect With Your Inner Artist Discover the artist in you at Art Metro on Papanui Road. With a welcoming cafe at the front, a gallery of artworks on the walls and a studio space at the back, Art Metro is an art school with … Continued